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To err is human.
To blame some other fellow?
That's presidential.

Hey, you liberals,
Want to see George Dubya win?
Vote for Ralph Nader.

Freeing Chechnya?
That's terror. "Liberating"
Animals? PETA.

Hey kids, eat no cows,
Vegetarians would make
A much better meal.

The Alan Keyes says:
"Jesus would elect me." Right.
And Bush joined MENSA.

Two bucks a gallon?!
Screw that. I thought Iraq would
Get us cheaper oil.

You want blood for oil?
Well, let's corner the market.
Invade the Saudis.

Bush: "No gays marry."
Gee, I'm sure gays destroy jobs.
Diversion? You bet.

Would Cheney be prez?
Nah, they'd move the White House to
An undisclosed place.

At WTO, folks
Protest capitalism:
Stupids in large groups.

Osama strikes us?
That would be as bad as, say...
"Four more years." Go vote.
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